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Jonathan Adams         It Is Written     Part 1                                                                26.02.2017
  It Is Written     Part 2 28.01.2018
Christine Field Gods Rehab                 30.09.2017
  Burst the Dam                             30.09.2017
  The neck that turns the head                 01.10.2017
Sunday Ifere I AM WHO I AM 29.01.2017
Ron McNeil Covenant Part 1 29.10.2017
  Covenant Part 2 05.11.2017
Alan Smithson Pride...King Asa             12.03.2017
  Blessings and Miracles 26.11.2017
  Balaam 04.02.2018
Lucas Sneller Faith, Hope and Love...1 12.06.2016
  Faith, Hope and Love...2 02.04.2017
  Faith, Hope and Love...3 25.02.2018