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Wilf Caunce     Full Amour of God         07.04.2019
CMA CMA CCF March 2019 10.03.2019
Charlotte Gray         Lost and Found 23/09/2018
  Hope has a rope ! 20/01/2019
Stephen Mason             Holiness- Swiss Cheese 03.06.2018
  Smile More 10.02.2019
Mark Millard     Fishers of Men  05.08.2018
Ron McNeil The Lords Prayer                               07.05.2018
  Walking in step with God 09/09/2018
  Nativity         02/12/2018
  The Power Of Joy 06/01/2019  
Liz Seagraves Jesus Meets Us                                         17/03/2019
Alan Smithson    
  Light In The Darkness 13.05.2018
  David     13.09.2019
  After the cross 21.04.2019
Lucas Sneller Faith, Hope and Love...1 12.06.2016
  Faith, Hope and Love...2 02.04.2017
  Faith, Hope and Love...3 25.02.2018
  Gods' Open Secrets.
Part 1..The Hidden Battle
  Gods' Open Secrets.
Part 2..God Logic       
  Gods' Open Secrets.
Part 3..The Word